Find out how to reduce your DSO by more than 20% with CRABB

CRABB is the Credit Management software built on Salesforce technology, easily configurable by any company and immediately effective.

The challenge

We were contacted by a company that was looking for a software capable to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the credit management process and that would provide a unified view to all internal and external resources.

Client’s key pain points

  • Dunning activities carried out entirely by hand and therefore very time-consuming;
  • Low control over performance due to reporting performed in xls with management information not always tracked;
  • Difficulty in differentiating the dunning process based on the customer type;
  • Resources involved in the process belonging to different structures (CCM, CM, Sales) not integrated into a single work tool.

The solution

After an evaluation of the product through an in-depth Demo and a “Discovery” meeting, the Client decided to adopt CRABB.
6 licenses were purchased for internal users; during the set-up phase we set up 2 automatic strategies based on the types of customers managed and an integration was made with the ERP platform (the customer was already equipped with Salesforce CRM with which CRABB is natively integrated).
Just 2 months after Kick-off, CRABB went live and, following a few days of training with our Specialists, users started operating on the platform.


Our client immediately started to benefit from CRABB thanks to the following results:

  • Immediate reduction of human resources to perform debtor actions and process reports;
  • Increase in cash-in thanks to the shortened collection process with automatic reminder channels;
  • Lower costs for outsourcers for fewer dossiers passed onto phone collection and with a lower average amount;
  • Improved performance control thanks to the advanced reporting suite.

Just 5 months after Go-live, our Client had already recovered half of the investment in CRABB and within the 11th month from kick-off it was possible to fully repay the investment made.


Thanks to the introduction of CRABB in the company, the Credit Manager achieved the following results after the first year of use:

-4% on Bad Debt

-15% on costs for Outsourcers

+12% productivity of internal resources

-20% on DSO

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