Introduce automation into Credit Management with CRABB!

Shorten dunning and recovery times, improve your income, reduce losses, monitor and analyze performances with CRABB!

With CRABB credit management software you can automate, optimize, and make all credit management activities more effective. Fast customization and integration allows CRABB to adapt to any type of credit management strategy, improving working capital. CRABB also offers tools for customer acquisition control and minimizes outstanding credit risk.

Forget complex spreadsheets or continuous and laborious customizations on systems and concentrate on one goal

Inadequate technological solutions for Credit Management involve a waste of time and resources, as well as consequences on liquidity and profitability. By choosing CRABB, you will have the tools necessary to maximize the efficiency of credit management in your company, from the set-up of recovery strategies to the multi-channel collection and producing the necessary reporting for each phase.

The best User Experience for credit management in cloud

Discover all the CRABB features
enhanced by Salesforce

Define and optimize recovery strategies

  • Set management strategies and credit policies
  • Configure the automation rules for recovery strategies
  • Customize the platform according to your organizational model

Check your clients during the acquisition phase

  • Check the level of risk with our behavioral score calculation model
  • Assign the credit line using the data provided by the info providers and involving the sales force
  • Use acquisition control results to enhance the collection strategies
  • Analyze data always up-to-date thanks to native integration with info providers
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Manage operations in multi-channel logic

  • Perform recovery actions in multi-channel logic
  • Activate the engagement of specialists through dedicated work queues
  • Configure authorization workflows to support operational decisions
  • Entrust collection operations to external entities in a few clicks
  • Generate and send reminder letters, emails, sms and PEC from a single platform

Reporting and monitoring tools

  • Generate dynamic and flexible reports on different levels of analysis, with specific filters and fields
  • Perform performance analysis by customer type, strategies adopted and geographical area
  • Generate forecast models on management costs and expected collections
  • Calculate the costs generated by your activities and the provisions to the devaluation fund in real time
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Collaborate and communicate in real-time

  • Use the bulletin board to tag users and take advantage of hashtags to report important information
  • Share news not to be missed in the dedicated section
  • Assign and manage tasks directly from the platform

Access the app from any device

CRABB is also accessible in its main functions from mobile, thanks to the Salesforce app, which can be downloaded for free from the Play Store and App Store.

  • Access the reporting
  • Track ongoing activities
  • Assign and manage tasks
  • Consult the customer data sheets and dossiers
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Improve customer interactions with Marketing Cloud

The automatic sending of reminders (email, SMS and PEC) to defaulting customers is one of the core features of Crabb and makes the collection process more efficient by minimizing user operations.
Integration with Marketing Cloud allows you to expand and enhance this specific functionality.

Enhance CRABB with dedicated modules for even more performing results

  • CTI and predictive dialers in the cloud to make operator collection campaigns more efficient
  • “Salesforce native” on-demand credit specialist for managing non-automated activities
  • As-a-service analytics enhanced by SF Einstein Analytics for the most sophisticated forecast analyzes
  • Virtual POS to cash out the expired online by credit card without operator assistance